Home: Welcome to NODATA.

Project: Premium placed upon guardianship of Raunchpad resources. Other holdings considered based upon political skill, corruption of Raunchpad citizens, OPERATOR OVERRIDE, Monetary Wire Transfer.

Report: Raunchpad accretion nearing completion at 95%. NODATA implementation phase begun. Raunchpad consists of spontaneous demonstration personnel, armed with righteousness. International Branches to be announced pending final psychic sedimentary bonding. Logistical personnel will release all information regarding Raunchpad OFFENSIVE ACTIONS and crowd control measures. Administrative Overlords Committee members have relinquished control of NODATA protocols for propaganda uses by the masses. Raunchpad Intelligence Technicians report fragmentation of primary competitive entities. Internal Security has retired to the hot-tub.

Mission: Raunchpad exists to feed and control UNSTABLE MEMBERS of Raunchpad's physical site. Secondary goals include successful conquest of competing neural-feeding creches. Failure contingencies include hyper-velocity hydro-kinetic attacks on enemy infrastructure.

Status: Current MISSION GOALS INCOMPLETE. Recruitment quotas have been raised. Future manpower will lead to glorious fulfillment of NODATA dominance.

Assests: Current physical assets provide more than nominal processing arsenal needs. Immediate bandwidth gains made. Infrastructure exploitation proceeds. PLANT LOCATION meets space needs for future forecasted growth. Improvements to services and aesthetics 74% complete. Mobility assets 33% above nominal strength. Defensive posture disposition currently effective in reducing external incursions.

Psychological Division: Current intelligence gathering results indicate loss of fundamental reasoning levels in general population samples. Demographic indicators posted in proper INTEL DATABASE.

Forecast: Forecasts are currently CLASSIFIED. Public consumption of Raunchpad information resources may be completed at this site for the foreseeable future. Check often for proper saturation.

Current Crew: At all points in continuum, ROSTERS will be maintained in working order for identification and publicity purposes.