The MadCow Lives!
The Cow was originally a lame concept dreamt up primarily to kill time. It's still lame and it's killed far more time than it had any right to.

To view the Cowstravanganza you must be using Netscape Communicator. Seriously. It won't make any sense AT ALL without it. Over the next few years I'm gonna move the cows from layers to CSS so it'll be viewable on more browsers and I can make them move a little fancier. Rejoice you!

If'n yous are devoid of the influence of Communicator. Pure of RAM, centered in your choice of browser, chaste and virtuous in all uses of search engines, then you may prefer a screensaver.

If you're using a *IX system your screen is already saved as my processes have died for your sins.

If you're using an Apple Computer: Go Away.

See The Cows